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Heavy Base Set Unlimted Long Pack Artset Tamper Sealed

$2,299.99 $4,499.99
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  • Heavy Base Set Unlimited Artset
  • Tamper Sealed & Weighed Heavy On Camera 
  • Heavies For the Case of 72 That They Came From Weighed 21.09+ 
  • Weights: 21.12, 21.14 & 21.38
  • Heavy Packs MOST LIKELY contain holos, and the premium pricing is for the HIGHER CHANCE for a holographic card. However, weights cannot GUARANTEE a holographic card
  • If the ORIGINAL buyer opens up the packs live and does NOT receive a holo in any of the packs, a partial refund of $300 per "light" or "dry" pack will be issued, no questions asked 
  • These packs genuinely have the best chance for holos, and Charizard has NOT been pulled from the case of 72