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Burning Shadows Complete Master Set + PSA Rainbow Charizard & More!

$2,999.99 $3,999.99
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Complete Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Master Set 254/254 


  • Includes the base Burning Shadows set of 147/147 cards
  • Includes ALL additional reverse holo cards
  • Includes ALL 22 secret rare cards
  • Includes 5 PSA graded cards within the master set of 254
  • PSA 9 Pikachu Common 40/147
  • PSA 7 Rainbow Charizard Secret Rare 150/147
  • PSA 8 Golden Fire Energy Secret Rare 167/147
  • PSA 8 Golden Darkness Energy Secret Rare 168/147
  • PSA 8 Golden Fairy Energy Secret Rare 169/147

All cards will be sent in premium toploaders & packaged securely. PSA slabs will be sleeved and placed in additional padded mailers. 

The price of shipping includes full purchase price insurance, registered mail & signature confirmation upon delivery. Please feel free to email us with any questions.